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Why VRconnection?
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VRconnection: Online Vacation Rental Management Software/Service

If you've had your rental property for any length of time, you are probably somewhat aware of the many Internet listing services that can help generate reservation leads. VRconnection is no "slouch" when it comes to promoting your property with a well organized and intuitive interface, powerful search capabilities, linkages to all major Internet search engines, and cross promotions with regional resort Web sites. You can expect enough inquiries and reservations to pay for the service many times over (one rental will probably cover the cost). But, we're sure you've heard this same pitch from all the "other" listing services.

So what makes us different? Well, while those other services are "finishing up" when they pass along a reservation lead, VRconnection is just getting started. You see, VRconnection was built by property owners who found that managing your own rental property can turn into a "full-time-job". Each reservation you take on requires a series of steps:

  • Promptly and accurately responding to requests
  • Negotiating a rental cost
  • Contracting a reservation stay
  • Collecting a deposit
  • Updating availability calendars
  • Collecting the balance due
  • Coordinating cleanings
  • Providing access
  • Refunding security deposits
Taken one at a time, this can be somewhat manageable. Layer multiple reservations at their various stages of processing, it becomes very cumbersome to keep it all straight. Add a second or third property and you really understand why property management companies exist. But who wants to pay upwards of 50% of your rental income for this, when all that's really missing is your own "personal vacation rental assistant" to help you manage it all. Welcome to VRconnection.

Want more details on how VRconnection does all this, click here. If you're already convinced, click here and we'll get your listing up and running in a matter of minutes.

You don't pay until we pay off!
A concept so simple and straightforward, you'll wonder why all vacation rental listing sites don't operate in this manner. List your vacation rental with us, free of charge for a period of three months. If we don't deliver, on average, two inquiries per month (that's 6 after 3 months and potentially 24 or more a year!), or if you don't utilize our innovative property management features to make your life easier and your management more proactive, we will extend your free use for an additional month and re-evaluate. We will continue to do this, each month until we begin to pay off. When we do, we would then expect you to pay for continued service (click here for our competitive rates). What have you got to lose? We'll even automatically migrate your listing and photos from another Web site. Click here to get started.

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